Open Letter

2017 has been the year of the ICO. However, we believe the ICO system is broken. Many launches are focused only on financial gain with few successful in realizing their promise to the community. We’ve been asked by the community, as well as press, about our thoughts on the matter and have shared many points on how to improve the success rate of these launches. We are committed to bringing the TPAI token to the community -- eating our own dog food and launching a successful token event which can provide technology for all to benefit from AI.

PRIORITY NUMBER ONE is to release a functioning and enduring eco-system that includes anyone who wishes to participate in crowd-training AI, while freeing anyone with a good idea to be able to fund and build AI, regardless of technical skills or financial resources. So yes, more important than the sale or the offering itself is the validity and relevance of the tech and eco-system itself. Creating social proof and relevance over regulation and social engineering by centralized interests. Good for the industry, good for all.

Our commitment to decentralize AI development lies in our belief in AI and blockchains to free communities to innovate, and for all to share in the value they help create. In Trane AI, we’ve answered AI’s data problem by crowdsourcing on a blockchain, and fixed Ethereum’s scalability issue by using Machine Learning to execute Proof-of-Performance.

Given all of the above, we have decided to pause on our Token Generating Event pre-sale and crowd sale efforts. We will be issuing a new SmartContract. If you’ve purchase TPAI already, we will, of course, provide a ‘swap’ to the new contract and, as a means to say thank you for your believing in our mission this early on, offer you a bonus, in addition to the 30% you have already received. Please contact us at for more information. We’ll now take this time to focus on a large- scale beta testing program while continuing to pre-mine our tokens. And we need your help.

Please continue to visit this website for updates and join our Trane Slack channel, and MeetUp group to join in on the following in the coming weeks:

Beta - Meetup: Demo & Test. Submit feedback and document your experiences.

Social Bounty: For amplification on IG, Twitter, FB - Pic or video of your AI projects, tagged #TPAIpopularnerd

What is Trane AI?

TraneAi is a platform that accelerates the AI training process through decentralization. By engaging crowds to tag, store and model data, Trane is poised to become the new standard for AI training and replace the costly and time-consuming approach of using experts.

Join our community

Come and join our growing community on Slack to learn more about our plans, share your feedback and feature requests with us, or to get involved as a contributor. We look forward to slacking.

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